Our Service


the problem we solve

Too often, small business owners operate with an inadequate IT setup because their IT people don’t understand the true needs of the business. The result is huge amounts of time wasted trying to make things work properly, bad feeling among staff and a frustrated business owner who just wants their IT to work properly.

Imagine if your computers were running smoothly… your staff were able to work effectively and uninterrupted… the right systems were in place and properly tailored to how your business actually works… you knew your data was 100% safe… you were receiving top notch tech advice… you had smart, friendly IT people quickly on hand when needed.

Imagine if you had IT people you liked and you could trust, and an IT system that really worked. This is the problem we solve for small business owners.

your consultant

We partner you with a highly experienced IT consultant who gets to know you and your business personally. It’s this relationship that holds the key to your success with IT. Your consultant visits your office every month, connects with your staff, answers questions, looks at any ongoing tech support issues and takes time to understand the current projects and opportunities you’re working on.

It’s only through a real relationship - with an experienced consultant who sees you regularly - that all the dots properly connect and you end up with an IT system that truly works for you. Otherwise, there’s always a disconnect between you and your IT people and things are never quite right.

Your consultant understands your vision, your staff and your culture. They’re on hand when you need them and will expertly steer you over the years ensuring you’ve always got IT that really works.

the help desk team

Our friendly help desk team are on hand to rapidly respond to tech support issues as they arise throughout the month. Most phone calls are answered within seconds and your staff get expert support via screen-share. We also monitor your IT system round the clock, looking for hardware failures, security breaches, virus threats and backup problems. If we detect a threat we usually resolve it without you ever even knowing about it. And, in the background, your consultant is in constant contact with the help desk team; staying abreast of what’s going on and liaising on issues where necessary.

Simple, fixed pricing

We charge a simple, fixed fee per computer, per month. This fee covers the entire service, including your consultant's monthly visits, unlimited calls to the help desk and our round-the-clock monitoring service. The only additional charges will be occasional upgrades to your IT system which are charged on a simple time and materials basis.